Convey Value of Membership for Potential New Members

Effective recruitment of new members requires associations to explain the benefits of memberships in terms of value to the new member. Whether the potential member is an individual or a company, the decision to invest in an association membership is directly tied to the value that the association brings to the relationship. In other words: What can the association provide to help me or my company be successful?

A blog posted by an accounting software company outlines nine reasons that small business owners should join an association – the same reasons associations should use in membership recruitment efforts.

  • Expand your network with like-minded professionals
    These connections with people in the same industry help build a network that provides insight, advice, and ideas from people who have experienced similar business situations.
  • Connect with – or be – a mentor
    While informal connections can be valuable, more formal relationships through mentorship programs can help business owners at all stages of their career or business. Working with, or as, a mentor gives both sides of the relationship a chance to learn from each other.
  • Grow as a business owner
    Educational opportunities and resources provided by associations help small business owners gain new skills and learn about new tools or strategies that can be used to improve the efficiency, productivity, and bottom line of a business.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends
    Change is a constant in business, which makes it difficult to keep up with trends and issues. Association membership provides updated, ongoing information about what is happening in the industry and how it affects individual businesses.

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