Demonstrating Your Value to Support Membership Renewal and Recruitment

Associations that report renewal rates at or above 80%, and those with increases in new members and overall membership in the past year and past five years, are significantly more likely to report their association’s value proposition is very compelling or compelling.

This makes sense because members want to know that they are getting a return on the dollars and time they invest in an association. But the perception of value can differ from member to member and from association to association, so be sure the association is addressing members specific pain points.

Here are two examples of how associations are demonstrating their value:

For the hospitality industry, labor shortages prove to be a continuing area of concern as pandemic restrictions are lifted and consumers begin returning to their favorite restaurants and traveling.

The Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association included an article in a recent issue of their magazine that identifies the issue and lists the tools and programs it provides to help members with a free, online job board to promote the industry as well as specific job openings, along with professional development, training and certifications. Because many PRLA members are small businesses, the association also describes its human resources and benefits – a “business in a box” – offering that expands members’ ability to offer cost-effective benefits packages to attract new and keep current employees.

The Virginia Asphalt Association shared information from the national association’s research efforts that found a lack of knowledge about career opportunities in the industry. The article also highlighted the generational differences in how potential employees receive information, recommending that members look for new ways, such as social media ads and videos, to catch the attention of people who have not considered the asphalt industry. Links to the national workforce development site directed members to more resources.