Extend the Capabilities of Your Conference Staff

Planning a conference, regional meeting, or trade show? Annual national and regional events are often a significant source of revenue for all associations – between 40% and 80% according to one study. When pandemic restrictions necessitated virtual events, revenue dropped about 70% compared to in-person events. As associations return to in-person events, revenue can climb with the addition of exhibitor halls and increased sponsorships of special events, luncheons and receptions.

Finding those sponsors and managing the sale of exhibitor space can be an overwhelming task for association event planning staff who are juggling all other aspects of the meeting. Partnering with an expert sales management team with association experience can take some of the burden off staff members and allow them to focus on the things that will elevate the member and attendee experience. For more information about LLM Publications’ sponsorship and exhibition management services, contact Sigrund Shoemaker, sigrund@llmpubs.com.