Is Anyone Listening?

It’s tough enough to be a speaker or event planner when a meeting or conference is live and in-person, but how do you know if your virtual conference “attendees” are really engaged in the discussion or presentation?

Remember to start with a foundation of compelling content and excellent production quality, just as you would do with a live event. An article by Madison Layman at Cvent offers 18 tips to make virtual meetings more engaging. Her first two tips cover content and production, but a few of her other tips are:

  1. Live Polling: Use a mobile event app to allow speakers to conduct live polls throughout their sessions to solicit audience participation and to gather data on participation and engagement.
  2. Push Notifications: Instead of telling an attendee which room to go to for the next session, make the notifications fun by telling attendees they have five minutes to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable.
  3. Spirit Days: If your event runs across several days, set up hat days or jersey days for attendees to post pictures on social media.
  4. Live Q&A: Use technology to allow attendees to ask questions and receive answers during the session.
  5. Surveys and Tests: Make attendees accountable for attending and paying attention by giving surveys or knowledge tests after each session – live or on-demand.
  6. Meeting Length: There’s a big difference between sitting in an audience of excited attendees at a two-hour session and watching a session for that length of time by yourself. Keep sessions shorter than normal to keep attendees focused on the content.
  7. Mini Workout: Incorporate wellness into your virtual event with moments of standing, stretching and moving. Mini workout classes that live stream throughout the day or a free morning yoga session can give a quick break or boost of energy.