Promote Community Service to Engage Younger Members

Continuing education and skills training are critical services associations provide to individual members but how can an association support its industry’s need for well-trained employees who may not be members?

Offering members a way to volunteer in the community and help their industry is especially appealing to younger members. A survey of more than 2,000 millennials found that almost 66% of those respondents were at least somewhat more likely to work for a company that supported charity than one that did not. While the survey addressed employment, it is not hard to imagine that the same sentiment applies to association membership.

Supporting and promoting community service that benefits the industry the association represents is a good way to engage younger members.

The Associated Building Contractors of Southeast Michigan is one association doing just that. ABC is tackling the construction industry’s need to attract young people into the building trades with a program that provides hands-on experience under the expert tutelage of experienced ABC members.

The value of the program extends beyond the students who are learning and the construction industry employers who will hire them. Members who mentor and volunteer to oversee the renovation project have the opportunity to give back to their community.

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