Exactly How Can AI Help Associations?

Artificial intelligence is one technology that has garnered headlines and created angst in many sectors, but the reality is that AI provides the capability to enhance association interactions with members and add value to memberships.

These specific capabilities are included in one article:

  • Personalized recommendations: Use generative AI to analyze member data and provide customized recommendations for events, content and other resources that may be of interest to individual members.
  • Content creation: Generative AI can create articles, reports and other content for members, saving time and resources for association staff. Also, for organizations creating extensive studies and eBooks, using tools to summarize that content can be an easy way to continue distributing it throughout the year. 
  • Chatbots: Your members will always need support – even when you’re not online. While chatbots can be an easy way to help with this, they’re often limited to FAQs and assisting members with common inquiries like event registration and membership renewals. More advanced AI chatbots can now be trained on your actual association data to help answer complex queries and offer pathways to supporting content. 
  • Event planning: Associations can use generative AI to predict attendance numbers and plan events accordingly, suggest event topics or speakers based on member interests and even help you find locations based on your member demographics. 
  • Marketing and communications: Chances are your association is sending member emails regularly. Not only does this require content creation skills, but scheduling efforts as well. Associations can use generative AI to analyze member data and create targeted marketing campaigns more likely to resonate with individual members while helping generate that copy. 
  • Membership retention and engagement: By analyzing member behavior, associations can use AI to predict which members are at risk of not renewing their memberships and create targeted retention strategies. It can also create personalized learning paths for members based on their skill levels and areas of interest, a critical retention tool for any association.